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Dear Alexei,

I just had a call with the project manager of the ***************nz website project. ***************nz is highly satisfied with the quality and the work delivered and is looking forward to working with us on forthcoming projects.

Many thanks for your excellent support!

Kind regards, Ludwig

Logrus a co-founder of LT-Innovate

December 28, 2012

W3CLogrus has become a co-founder of LT-Innovate, a European consortium that brings together companies developing technology and products in linguistics, internationalization, translation, localization and associated information technology.

The founders and members of LT-Innovate believe that “language technology” (i.e. technology relating to translation, speech analysis and synthesis, content creation and content lifecycle management including translation and localization) is a key element in building a common space for communication and business in Europe. The community strives to draw attention to the importance of language technology and supports innovation in that field. Together, its member companies can work more efficiently with investors, customers, government agencies and research institutions.

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