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Hi Irina, 

Just wanted to give feedback on translation. It's very well done. People are actively using it and I haven't heard any negative feedback whatsoever, which usually could be case for the first iteration of technical translation. Reviewed it myself, and I can say you set the bar very high, standard of delivery. Joint development of glossary was important of course. There was some internal discussion how we should approach translation, and we had some alternatives, I am glad we have chosen Logrus in the end, which was my vote. Price was reasonable as well, because you have discounted on words repetition, and by nature of manuals for different equipment type, there are fair a bit of repetitive sections. 

Thanks again to Alexander, Irina and Logrus.

Logrus – one of the more technologically advanced European language services companies.

April 22, 2013

LT-Innovate, The Forum for Europe's Language Technology Industry, published landmark report on the state of the European language technology industry. The project was done with the financial support of the European Union.

Special attention was given to companies that develop and deploy advanced technology for the localization and companies which control linguistic context. The company Logrus International was included within these ranks, and subsequently earned the title of one of the most technologically advanced organizations in the industry.

A forecast for the next five years was also brought to bear, demonstrating the important role played by the industry in the creation and development of a single multi-lingual market.

Participants and organizers of the forum LT-Innovate, where Logrus is one of the founding companies, considered the development of language technology an important key element for the success of the single digital market. The importance of development of single European digital market is emphasized at the highest political level in Europe.

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