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Hello Dimtry, I want to thank you once again for your efforts to make this project possible and real. There are going to be around 10k words so we must get ready to give this final push towards the big SUCCESS.
Thank you once again for the good job. It has been incredible the support of all of you.
THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best Regards,Alejandro

1C:Enterprise 8.0 – in the English Language

January 10, 2006

The 1C:Enterprise 8.0 platform is a unique solution that brings together a set of applications for automating the activities of organizations and individuals in the spheres of commerce, accounting and auditing, personnel management, and many other areas.  This platform is based on the mechanism of the rapid development of applications for creating data structures and formats, business logic programming, reporting form management, etc.

In 2005, specialists from the Logrus firm’s business solutions department localized more than 4,000 pages of 1C:Enterprise 8.0 printed documentation into the English language, translated the software interface and online documentation, and performed a full cycle of 1C:Enterprise 8.0 finished-product testing.

Native speakers translated and proofread of all the documents, so the contents of the documentation would be as clear as possible to the foreign user.  Taking the huge volume of this work into account, special attention was given to keeping the terminology used consistent.  A well-defined process structure, strict adherence to the product glossary, the use of state-of-the-art translation support software, and the professionalism of the project participants made it possible to impeccably complete the assigned task.  In addition, the Logrus firm’s engineers solved the complex problem of data format conversion in order to prepare source texts for translation.  All this made it possible not only to complete the aforementioned volume of work in the shortest possible amount of time, but also to expeditiously translate several 1C:Enterprise version 8.1 updates into the English language.  Translation, text editing, and product testing were carried out in tandem, which required a high degree of organization and the close interaction of project participants from different company subdivisions.  All the work was done successfully and on time.

The success of this project once again confirmed the proficiency of our specialists and their ability to quickly find effective solutions to the most unconventional problems.

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