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Information technology

It's no secret that software localization can increase sales by more than100. A foreign language interface prevents many people from using an application. Moreover, in many countries, distribution of non-localized software is banned by law. That's why all major IT companies acting in a highly competitive environment, pay so much attention to translation and adaptation.

Big corporations often spend tremendous sums of money on functionality development to meet the demand of their customers in the best way. However, poor localization can compromise the developers’ efforts.
A common misconception is that translation and localization are one and the same. Localization, however, is not limited to the translation of software components. The correct integration of the entire system and its new interface in a new language environment must be ensured.

Localization is performed in several stages:
  • The preparatory stage which includes:
    • Creating/updating the glossary of terms;
    • Extracting translatable strings from the localized resources.
  • Localization itself which includes:
    • Translation
    • Programming tasks (insertion of localized strings, adjustment of dialogue boxes etc.)
    • Building the localized version.
  • Testing
  • Debugging and error correction
  • Delivery of the localized version to the client
Operating systems, embedded software, CRM applications, ERP systems, computer games all result in a great volume of information to be processed during localization. Therefore, the localization team faces the professional challenge of resolving the following problems:
  • Choosing the most precise equivalents for the names of functions, operations and tools (the more complex the  functionality of the software, the greater the challenge)
  • Managing large teams of translators to deliver the project on time
  • Ensuring term consistency throughout all modules under localization (interface, help, user guide, promo materials) etc.
Logrus has vast experience in software localization (see our list of completed projects). Our programmers have developed a lot of tools which help to address emerging problems effectively and shorten the timeframe of the project.
Logrus localizes software in more than 50 languages, including double-byte languages and languages that use bi-directional text.
Case Studies:
Multilingual localization for Evernote

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