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Video localization for AUMA


Customer Profile:


The The German company AUMA (Armaturen- Und Maschinen-Antriebe), founded in 1964, produces electric actuators for pipeline valve automation. About 1,300 employees in the spheres of design, sales and pre-sales service work for AUMA worldwide.

The equipment produced by the company is used in the oil and gas industry, resource transportation and processing, general and oil chemistry, the energy sector, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, and other industries. More information may be found on the  official AUMA website - http://www.auma.com/. There is a subsidiary of AUMA in Russia - "Privody AUMA" LLC (Moscow), and two regional offices – in Saint Petersburg and Surgut.

Additional information: 

The AUMA video and information on Logrus video and video presentation localization and creation services may be found on the following website: http://www.logrus.ru/pages/ru-video.aspx.

Logrus carries out translation projects for different industries and spheres with the help of a large staff of specialists and numerous external employees who have ample work experience with different kinds of materials and topics. More information on Russian translation services at Logrus may be found on http://www.logrus.ru/pages/ru-ru.aspx.

If you would like to get more information about Evernote products or services, visit the company’s website at http://www.auma.com/




During preparation for the NEFTEGAZ 2009 exhibition, AUMA contacted Logrus to translate and voice a video advertisement concerning the company’s products. The work was to be done in 2 weeks.

The client was represented by Georgiy Ponosov, CEO of the subsidiary in Russia - "Privody AUMA" LLC.

AUMA didn’t specify any terms and glossary translation guidelines. The localization was carried out by several Logrus departments according to standard procedures worked out at Logrus. First, the transcription (writing down the spoken text) and translation of the text is done. Then, the accuracy of the translation is checked by skilled editors specialized in the specified sphere. If necessary, the text is adjusted with regard to national characteristics.  According to Andrey Mikhalchenko, the Logrus Russian-Language Translations Department Project Manager: “Translators and editors who are quite familiar with oil and gas industry terminology worked on the AUMA video material translation project. These specialists are very skillful and are able to give an accurate translation of any, even the most difficult and specific, terms. After the translation was finished, it was sent for approval to the AUMA representative. The client approved the translation without any complaints. "

The next step was to record the voicing of the video.

AUMA demanded that the recorded voice should be like the one of the famous announcer Yuri Levitan. Two actors meeting the client’s demands were found in Logrus’ actor base. One of them was scheduled for recording. Unfortunately, on the account of the speaker’s illness, the recording had to be postponed, which shifted the whole project schedule, so the next localization steps had to be done under-time.

Studio recording is a laborious process the success of which depends on the speaker’s and sound engineer's  professional attention. The material for recording was prepared by a sound engineer from Logrus’ Game Projects department. In order to preserve the right emphasis and the right speech rhythm of the foreign speaker, some phrases were recorded in several takes. But then, after sound overwriting and the accurate synchronization of Russian and English speech, the speaker's voice combined with the general video outline so well that nothing drew the viewers’ attention away from the main point – the information given in the video.

In addition to the voicing, text blocks that appear on the screen also need to be localized. One of Logrus' DTP department’s multimedia specialists overlapped the English text in the video with Russian and recovered the original animation and special effects.

Because the sound recording was delayed, the time for the next localization steps had to be cut. The Russian speaker’s voice and the Russian text overlapping was done in no more than two days. Due to the well-organized and efficient work of all the departments that worked on the project, and also due to their readiness to work in force-majeure circumstances, the video was delivered to the client on the due date.

The client was very pleased with the results and the speed of the work. Georgiy Ponosov, CEO of "Privody AUMA" LLC says: “Participation in the NEFTEGAZ 2009 exhibition is of great significance for AUMA business development in Russia. Due to the efficient and high-quality work of Logrus on the localization of our video, we were able to fully present our company’s products at the exhibition”.



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