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Customer Profile:

BMW Group Russia is a subsidiary of BMW and the main importer of BMWs and Mini Coopers in Russia. Registered in Russia since 1999, BMW Group Russia is one of the most successful foreign automotive enterprises in the country. Over the last five years, BMW has invested 11 billion euros in technology development, and its technological leadership is supported by active work in the market. Russian dealership group is expanding and currently includes 42 BMW dealerships in 27 Russian cities. Such an upscale automobile brand deserves technical and marketing materials of the highest quality.

“Logrus specialists completed a large number of projects which included not only translation of technical and marketing materials into Russian or English but also desktop publishing and localization of commercials –– video and Flash presentations. We appreciate the professionalism,high quality and efficiency of Logrus’ services.” 

- From the letter of letter of recommendation by K. Sysoeva, Director of Corporate Communications at OOO BMW Rusland Trading .
BMW Recommendation letter
Services provided to  
     BMW Group Russia:
  • Translation, formatting and page-setting of
    presentations and catalogues;
  • Translation and dubbing of videos;
  • Localization of
    Flash presentations;
  • Localization of drawings and graphics.  

 Additional information

 For more information about Logrus services, visit our website at http://www.logrus.net or call +7 (495) 646-3564.

For more information about BMW Group Russia products and services, visit http://www.bmw.ru .

Business Needs

BMW regularly runs corporate training programs for its staff using a variety of materials (videos, presentations, etc.) The training programs held in Russia help to improve employees’ skills and strengthen the company’s position in the Russian market. BMW prefers the translation of training materials to the creation of new ones for each new region so that the same materials are used all over the world.


Prior to the collaboration, Logrus had already gained a reputation as a reliable provider of translation and localization services. Upon receiving additional recommendations from one of Logrus clients, BMW Group Russia placed its first order with Logrus.
An account manager and personal project manager were assigned to the new client. Their task was to control work efficiency and adherence to deadlines, which allowed the client to reduce the management efforts typically associated with projects of this kind.

At BMW, adherence to corporate style is strictly observed. For this reason, Logrus professionals began with a comprehensive analysis and study of the corporate style and design of the original BMW materials. These established guidelines continue to be carefully followed throughout all new projects assigned by BMW. Projects involving video localization and voiceovers are supervised by Sergey Pushkin, who manages the DTP (desktop publishing), design, and graphic projects at Logrus. Pushkin says, “BMW is very concerned with their style guidelines. No mistakes can be made when dealing with their corporate style.” When it comes to preparing presentation materials, no task is too small. Every detail is important –– from the paper quality to the voice of the actor doing a voiceover for a video. Of course, localization is not merely a literal translation of the text: while some cases call for the corporate style to be strictly followed, others elicit changes  that adapt the materials to the Russian market. BMW requires the materials used in corporate education to be the same as for commercials, which are viewed by millions of people.

Many of the BMW localization and translation tasks are confidential materials intended for use by Russian BMW staff. Logrus deals with these materials, and BMW is absolutely sure that its confidentiality agreement will be strictly adhered to. Clients know that Logrus commitment to information confidentiality is not mere convention. Confidentiality is observed at every working stage: translation, editing, dubbing, synchronizing, and even while creating DVD menus. No confidential data goes beyond the walls of Logrus’ office.



Videos are usually dealt with as follows: The BMW Group Russia project manager gives Logrus a disc with a video file and sets the overall task requirements: (i.e. to do a Russian voiceover or to substitute an English audio track for Russian; to translate the text which appears on the screen, etc.) Logrus then translates the text from English (or German) and adapts it as necessary to cater to a Russian audience. For example, the name of the company and automobile is pronounced “be-em-double-you” in English, while in Russian it is pronounced as “be-em-ve.” All of these crucial differences must be taken into account during the voiceover process. There are many other important details through which the translators' skills are manifested. Apart from general cultural differences, a translator must know the client’s subject matter –– in this case, the automobile industry –– and distinguish between, say, unladen weight and maximum permissible weight, or a bushing and a pin.
The first step of a project is the creation of a glossary. Every field has its specific terminology, and many large companies often have their own terms, BMW included. Logrus cooperates with each new client to develop a glossary.

Along with glossaries, a translation memory (database) is actively used throughout projects. Such translation memory is created at the commencement of the initial assignment and is constantly updated eventually  turning into a knowledge base of the client’s requirements. On occasion, the pronunciation or stress of certain terms is specifically agreed upon with BMW Group Russia. After the text of the video has been translated, it is reviewed by the client, after which the approved text is ready for voice recording.


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