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Multilingual localization for Evernote


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Evernote was established in 2002 by a well-known Russian IT businessman, Stepan Pachikov, a co-founder of ParaGraph – one of the pioneers in handwriting input and recognition. Today, Evernote is a dynamically developing IT company based in Mountain View, California. The company also has a branch in Russia.

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For more information about Logrus services, visit our website at http://www.logrus.ru or call +7 (495) 646-3564.

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If you would like to get more information about Evernote products or services, visit the company’s website at http://www.evernote.com/



Business Needs

The global launch of a service involves solving an extensive range of problems which include  interface localization as well as translation of user guides, documents, and additional marketing materials. Evernote wanted to make its service affordable for as many users as possible, and  preferred to localize it with the help of the Internet community. Now anyone can participate in the project and do as much work as his/her skills, experience and time allow for: translation of several sentences, localization of the whole client, or even the management of the work of a group of translators. Such cost reduction helps Evernote to keep the service affordable, the free account functionality broad enough to satisfy a lot of users, and premium accounts at a very moderate price.

Still, there are plenty of service-related materials where professional accuracy and unambiguity of translation are necessary. These include , license agreements, confidentiality agreements, important marketing materials, urgent translations and materials which require specific skills or equipment, such as audio production for commercials in multiple languages.

Evernote’s service was available only in Russian and English, but the company plans to localize it into other languages, including Japanese. Although users all over the world usually prefer the English version, Evernote wanted to express the benefits of the service and the terms and conditions of its use in the users’ native languages. So, in spring 2009, Evernote ordered a multilingual translation of its marketing materials from Logrus.


Logrus was given a task of translating materials regarding Evernote’s mobile services into several languages. We assigned the job to translation service providers, including seasoned translators and companies familiar with specific terminology and experienced in completing projects for the most particular clients. We entrust translation jobs only to reputable professionals, native speakers and those residing in the country where the language is spoken. The resulting texts are then put through a multi-level quality assurance process so regardless of the language the user speaks – French, Spanish, British or Chinese – (s)he will not have to stipulate about the meaning of certain buttons or commands and will navigate the software with ease.

Depending on the preferences and demands of the client, Logrus can localize any volume of material into any language: from a banner text or a tooltip to a license agreement, software interface, help, or marketing materials of any kind. Professional editors and proof-readers ensure uniformity of style and terminology throughout the text.

Logrus has completed a translation of Evernote’s legal paperwork. Logrus offers better and more cost-effective localization of this type of documentation than most legal services providers because the task calls for professionals with deep knowledge of both special IT terminology and legal matters.

Logrus also performed a voiceover for Evernote’s commercial in French, Japanese and Italian. Today, audiovisual materials in the user’s language are absolutely essential for service promotion, and multilingual audio recording can’t be ordered from all translation agencies.


A high-quality translation of marketing materials that is performed with close attention to all language nuances significantly contributes to successful promotion of a company’s products on the global market and builds customer trust.  Dmitry Stavisky, Evernote’s Vice President for International Development, says: “With localization performed by the web community, we can offer our service in the user’s language without any increase in price. We ensure quality of the translation with special software and established control procedures. But when it comes to urgent translations or the translation of documents that require specific skills, we order them from Logrus. We are happy to have chosen Logrus: target texts are returned in several languages, all together, accurately and on time.  While it has already become easier for users to utilize our service, we are moving forward, and  planning to localize it into other languages.”


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