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Logrus presents audio tour guides to the state museum of oriental art

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Logrus presents audio tour guides to the state museum of oriental art


Brief information about the Client:

The State Museum of Oriental Art  is one of the largest cultural and educational centers wherein the art of the Far and Middle East, and Central Asia, Caucasus, Transcaucasia, Kazakhstan, Buryatia and Chukotka is most fully represented. In 1991, the president of the Russian Federation deemed the museum as an especially valuable representation of the cultural heritage of Russia. The museum houses permanent exhibitions and regularly puts on exhibitions of the work of prominent cultural figures, both domestic and foreign.

"In an effort to expand the range of services available to visitors, the State Museum of Oriental Art, in association with Logrus, carried out a project for the development and implementation of audio tours and audio guides in our museum. Thanks to the highly skilled work and the attentive and creative attitude of Logrus employees, we provide residents and visitors with the opportunity not only to get the aesthetic pleasure of viewing a museum exhibit, but also the opportunity to broaden their horizons. The Museum of Oriental Art staff shares the joy of positive feedback from our visitors with Logrus and has expressed hope for further cooperation"     

Anna Kovalets, scientific secretary of the State Museum of Oriental Art

"The exhibition at the State Museum of Oriental Art is very complex – many of the exhibits need to be explained. All is well if a research assistant or guide at hand, but what if they are not available? This is where the audio guide arrived to save the day and help the museum visitors. Just look at the happy faces of museum visitors, marching from room to room with the audio guide tube to their ear! Do not disturb them – they are being led through the halls by an invisible tour guide! "

N. M.  Korabelnikov, Head of the Department of the State Museum of Oriental Art, Honored Cultural Worker of the Russian Federation

 Additional information:

For additional information about Logrus’ services, please visit http://www.logrus.net or call +1 (215) 947-4773.

For more information on Logrus’ preparation of multimedia materials, please visit http://www.logrus.ru/pages/en-flash-silver.aspx.
For more information on the State Museum of Oriental Art, please visit http://www.orientmuseum.ru/en/.


Audio guides – portable devices for listening to tours – are widespread in contemporary museums and employed in most museums around the world. For Russia, this is a relatively new service, but the advantages of these audio guides have earned appraisal and are becoming increasingly more popular.

Since 2010, this service has been available to visitors of the State Museum of Oriental Art. By providing an integrated solution from Logrus, museum visitors can listen to guided tours in both English and Russian.
The Current Situation
Currently, most Russian museums are only able to offer visitors a guided tour in Russian. In some museums, you can listen to the guided tour in English and, very rarely, in other languages. Unfortunately, not every museum can afford to hire foreign language-speaking tour guides or interpreters, so the tourists are faced with great difficulties. In addition, visitors often dislike following a tour guide around the premises and prefer to get acquainted with the exhibits themselves. The museum staff is thus presented with the difficult task of providing visitors with interesting information about the exhibits, without which a visit would be incomplete.
The use of audio guides eliminates these issues, among others, and enables visitors from other countries to listen to the audio guide in their native language and to build a guided tour of their choice. Russian museum visitors will also be interested in the possibility of individually selecting their route and exploring the exhibit with their own "personal guide.”
Logrus helped the State Museum of Oriental Art introduce the audio guide service.
Logrus supplied technical equipment: audio guides. The device, having the minimum necessary set of functions (play, pause, volume control) is characterized by its simplicity of operation and reliability. It does not require that staff or museum visitors be specially trained to use it: the transition between different languages is made through a simple key combination. Thanks to the audio guide, visitors explore the exhibition as if with a personal guide, individually choosing their tour itinerary and following it at their own pace. There is no need to wait for a group or, conversely, to try to keep up with it, when one wants to stay at an interesting part of exhibit. This handy device allows visitors to listen to select audio tours at each exhibition hall, and even some individual pieces – one just needs to press the button with the corresponding room number and select the appropriate track. Through the USB-port, sound files can easily be transferred to the audio guides and the information – updated. To prevent theft of equipment, theft protection can be installed into the audio guides.
The museum staff has created a tour that covers all the exhibits and communicates the unique identity of the Museum of Oriental Art. It was important not only to convey information about the exhibits, but also to show the charm of a mysterious oriental culture.
Logrus experts recorded an audio clip of the museum tour. It was recorded in Logrus’ in-house recording studio with the assistance of a professional announcer. To make listening easy and enjoyable, the excursions were superimposed over music. The culture of the oriental countries is conveyed through the traditional, ethnic music and national instruments, which were specifically selected for each individual exhibit. The final audio tours were transferred to the audio guides and delivered to the museum – in March 2010, the audio guide service became available in Russian.
Logrus also performed the translation of the audio guide into English. The recording of the tour involved a native speaker from the U.S. with experience in radio. This recorded tour was also superimposed over the music. By the end of September, the museum was able to provide visitors with an audio guide in English.
The introduction of integrated solutions from Logrus allowed the State Museum of Oriental Art to expand its range of services for visitors and to overcome the problems associated with the lack of foreign language-speaking tour guides or interpreters. The use of audio guides provided visitors with the freedom to construct their own tour route and guests from other countries were able to listen to the audio guide in English.


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