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Dear Dmitry,

First of all I would like to thank you for your very quick and professional translation.I sent today the first part with all 3 document to the customers so we are in timeline.

I am now just waiting for last document expected for Wednesday. Please after sending last translation part, send me directly the invoice so I can start payment process.

Really, you helped to let us be in time in our project.

Thanks a lot!!!!

Best regards


Multilingual typesetting

The release of a product into the global market often requires the localization of accompanying documents, such as user guides and help. The localization process typically extends beyond just the translation of the text; it often includes complete adaptation of materials to the local market.  This includes adapting graphics, tables/charts, and the creation of screenshots which illustrate the program functions in the resulting, translated language. This process frequently results in a substantial difference in the volume of material between the original and translated languages. In order to mitigate the effects of this discrepancy, it is necessary to adjust multilingual DTP accordingly.

Logrus offers a comprehensive set of services in localization, typesetting, and document design:

  • Translation, including editing by a native speaker of the language
  • Localization of graphics
  • Multilingual DTP
  • Prepress and printing preparation
  • Replication*

*This service is exclusive to Russia-based clients.

Our localization specialists have extensive experience in multilingual DTP services for a variety of documents in over 100 languages. We work with virtually all applications which include but are not limited to Word, FrameMaker, InDesign, QuarkXPress and PowerPoint. Additionally, we utilize custom-developed tools in conjunction with acquired knowledge to aptly deal with challenging languages not supported by standard programs and resolve all technical issues.

Localization and multilingual DTP is performed with established language standards and specific processes. Adherence to language standards and processes guarantees quality.

Sample Projects:

1. Leaflet for printer, 15 languages.

2. SATA. Leaflet, 4 languages.

3. User guide,  28 languages.

DTP Applications

We work with nearly all applications and formats and possess extensive knowledge and custom-tailored tools which allow for the solution of any technical problem.

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