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Hello Elena,

many thanks for this extra effort, I know this was a difficult and stressful project.
And thanks for your support and reliability!

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The Nortel company selects "Logrus" as an integrated language service provider


Brief information about the customer:





Nortel is a large telecommunications company that offers advanced technology to service providers of corporate network access. Nortel solutions involve packet, optical, wireless and voice technology. As of 2009, the total number of personnel of the company amounted to 25 thousand people, and offices in 150 countries. There are 42 Nortel research centers in 17 countries (including Russia.)

Additional information: 

More information about Logrus services in the field of  multilingual translations

More information about Nortel http://www.nortel.com/


The collaboration between Nortel and Logrus began in January 2007. The marketing manager of Nortel's Russian representation first turned to Logrus with the task of auditing the Russian-language website (www.nortel.ru). It was necessary to compare the translation of materials on the Russian site with the company website www.nortel.com to correct inaccuracies and translate the missing materials.

Originally, a major international localization company translated material on the Nortel website into all languages. The process was led by officials in the central office in Toronto (Canada). The material was usually published on the website without the prior approval of the company's office in Russia, which resulted in occasional errors. Translation of press releases for the Moscow office (for delivery to partners) was carried out by a small group of freelancers.

It is not enough to simply have a precise and organized translation process, and the lack of a common terminological base led to errors and inaccuracies, which  called for constant changes to be made. In addition, the translators with whom Nortel collaborated could not ensure high quality, high speed and engineering support for the publication of releases. The lack of both stability and high level of quality, which only a large linguistic company can provide, forced Nortel to seek out Logrus’ services.

When choosing a translation company, the main criteria included fluency in the terminology of the telecommunications industry, in-depth knowledge of networking technologies at the level of development and administration, and good engineering skills to work with the code, which was needed for work with materials from the site with the specific requirements of Nortel. The company Logrus had great experience working with telecommunications companies and had all necessary resources to solve problems related to the localization of sites. In addition, Logrus could provide stable deadlines due to clear organization of the process of interaction with customers and operatives.

Logrus employees had to identify all issues  with the translation, offer the correct alternatives and provide  recommendations for the translation of some sections of the site. The results, after a consultation with Nortel, were used as the basis for refining the Russian version of the site.

Since the documents detailing the corporate standards of formatting for Nortel materials were absent, Logrus and Nortel jointly developed a list of requirements for formatting, which was then used for all subsequent projects.

In addition, Logrus reworked Nortel’s preexisting glossary and made the necessary changes and additions. Prior to every large project, a search was conducted to translate the key terms, update the glossary and get the approval of its requester. In addition to a single industry glossary of telecommunication, several glossaries were created individually for major Nortel projects. The use of common vocabulary ensures the uniformity of terminology in a variety of materials: from technical documentation to press releases and marketing materials. All maintenance work on glossaries and the checking of terminology was carried out in close cooperation with Nortel representatives.

In addition to updating the material on the Nortel website, Logrus handled a large volume of translations of press releases from the central Nortel office and were published through the command of central website support. Press releases contained information about various company activities and descriptions of Nortel’s new technologies and solutions offered on the market.

The customer imposed strict requirements for preparation of press releases; Logrus organized and established a complex scheme of interaction with several of Nortel's departments. After the translation of the received press release and its formatting, the press release was send to the client for approval, and then to the department responsible for publishing materials at the central site.

After the successful completion of the project, new orders of various types followed. For many of the Nortel orders Logrus translated technical documents and descriptions of products for optical and wireless networks, servers, communications solutions for service providers Carrier VoIP, switches, routers, etc.

For Nortel projects, interpreters and editors with extensive experience in the field of information technology, telecommunications and network administration we hired.

The range of services was gradually expanded: multi-language localization (in Russian, Polish and Hebrew), translation of contracts, speeches, and various marketing materials (brochures, press releases), as well as translation and sound and video installation. Nortel projects differed by way of tight deadlines, large volumes and narrow specialization. The average volume of ongoing translations in a month ranged from 20 to 30 thousand words. Major projects of varying duration, including the translation of technical documents, ranged from 400,000 to 1 million words.

Nortel rated its cooperation with Logrus highly.

"Logrus carried out projects involving the translation of complex service contracts, riddled with legal terminology, as well as narrowly technical terminology to do with the telecommunication profile of Nortel. Logrus specialists promptly and professionally handled the job. Each stage of the work had deadlines which were strictly enforced. Communication with Nortel at the inception and throughout the execution of projects took place in a timely and efficient manner. I am fully satisfied with both the quality of translations and the time frames under which they were made, and, most importantly, in working with a customer - skillful interaction at all stages" - Georgyi Sharashidze, account manager at Nortel Russia.










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