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Lighting Up The Sun

Corporate Style for the Peklo Tanning Studio Designed by Logrus

Customer: Peklo tanning studio
Region: Russia, Moscow
Industry: Beauty and health
Brief client profile: Peklo tanning studio is a brainchild of the creators of the Medea chain of beauty parlors.
The Task:
Designing the corporate style, website, and a set of printed marketing materials.
Complex marketing support

Logrus offers end-to-end solutions in developing and producing all sorts of advertising materials: brochures, booklets, gifts, POS materials, and video presentations. Logrus specialists handle the entire advertising campaign process: from developing the idea and copywriting to designing the website, selecting the printing shop, and delivering the printed products.

Additional info:
For more information on Logrus services, visit us at http://www.logrus.ru
or call +7 (495) 646-35-64.
For more information on Peklo tanning studio visit the website http://www.peklo.su/
  Lighting Up The Sun (5,42 Mb)

The Project

Logrus have designed the corporate style, website, and a set of printed marketing materials for the opening of the Moscow-based tanning studio Peklo.The new project has acquired a distinctive image and a bright, sunny personality.

The Task

Peklo tanning studio is a brainchild of the creators of the Medea chain of beauty parlors, which has been offering top-class hairstyling and makeup services for nine years now. Opened in 2011, the studio has state-of-the-art professional equipment and modern long-life ultra-violet lamps.It's high time the potential customers learned about it! Where can you reach the broadest range of active and fashionable people who care about beauty and health in our stress-filled modern world? On the Web, of course!

The owner of the Peklo studio came to Logrus with this task. This choice may surprise the uninitiated, as Logrus is mainly associated with localization projects. Yet Logrus is not all about translation. We also design all sorts of advertising materials: from brochures and booklets to gifts and video presentations. In this case, however, the client's tasks went beyond that.A full-scale "real-world" marketing activity was planned for the opening of the tanning salon, which required the full range of promo materials: leaflets, price lists, other printed advertising materials, as well as plastic deposit and discount cards. The client needed end-to-end marketing support for the new project.

The Solution

The creators of the beauty parlor have a keen sense of beauty in everything and value the importance of a properly designed website, whose design alone lets the visitors experience the energizing ambiance of a tanning studio: one of happiness, sunshine, and a hot summer. They also know that a website should serve as the company's calling card and a reflection of its attitude toward customers, which means that it must present all the necessary information about prices and services in a user-friendly way.

The owner of the Peklo studio chose to trust the imagination and skill of Logrus designers, only suggesting the underlying concept: he wanted the site to resemble the dominant scene from the science-fiction thriller Sunshine. In the movie, a crew is heading towards the dying Sun in a spacecraft in order to reignite it with a nuclear explosion. It draws a successful analogy with what the tanning salon does: revitalizes our body by giving it back its energy and beauty and improves our mood or, to put figuratively, lights up the Sun in us.

With the suggested topic in mind, Logrus team started off by designing the studio logo that had to be aligned with the overall concept of the site as well as the preferences and style of the target audience. The designers eventually opted for a "glamorous" option: A bikini-clad lady against the background of the blazing Sun.

Then they proceeded to work on the site itself. Logrus specialists created a living, fiery design tailored to the client's wishes. The home page of the website is panorama of deep space with a huge sun at its center against a black background.

Designed by Logrus, the business card website of the Peklo studio offers detailed info about its services and prices. It is available in two versions: flash and html.

Logrus also designed and produced posters, price lists, plastic deposit and discount cards, as well as a full set of document templates used by the Peklo studio on a daily basis.

The Deliverables

Logrus designers have developed a unique corporate style of the Peklo studio, complete with the full range of marketing materials. Special focus was on a unified design concept that would be suitable for the design of both printed products and the website. As a result, the new studio has entered the market with a unique "visage" of its own and a complete, well thought out, and harmonious image. This is guaranteed to win over customers: After all, people who care about their appearance normally have a high appreciation for aesthetics and style in everything else. The complete set of marketing materials with an appealing design is now helping the young project grow and find new customers.


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