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Thank you and Logrus for your work on this project. It was rather small in volume but complex in organization, given that Logrus was delivering localization & testing for languages that you usually do not do for <well-known companies>.

Overall I was happy with the performance of your company, and I was also satisfied with the level of communication we maintained during the project - just the right balance for a "black-box" kind of work.

... I am looking forward to working with Logrus on other projects in the future.



For years, Logrus has been developing systems and tools to support translation projects, which cover tasks that range from technical and linguistic quality checks to project management solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into the enterprise resource planning system.

A simple and intuitive system for creating and updating website content, including that of multilingual websites. Experience with common office applications is sufficient to operate the system.

Users access the system database through a web browser. The system allows project participants to publish any detected errors in real time and keep track of the relevant changes in the database.

The Logrus Knowledge Management System goes a long way in simplifying the coordination of translation teams. The system acts as the hub for information exchange among translators, editors and consultants, raises awareness among all process participants about potential complications and ways to resolve them, speeds the translation process along and enhances the quality of translated material.

Logrus Dashboard has been developed specifically for Logrus customers and enables them to keep track of the status of current projects and their components. Automatically-updated charts offer an instant snapshot of the situation and help save time on data analysis.


Logrus have developed several hundred tools and utilities for the localization process that fall into the following categories:

  • General purpose tools
  • Language quality assurance tools
  • Technical quality assurance tools


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