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Case study. Project management portal for fast processing of Samsung projects


Customer Profile:




Established in 1938, Samsung has been expanding its presence on the international market of electronic devices since 1980. Today, the company has 124 offices in 56 countries and employs around 138,000 staff members.

In very competitive high-tech market, products have to meet customers’ expectations and must be introduced promptly. And, of course, to ensure success of  a huge international company like Samsung, it is necessary to have quality support in all locations where its services are delivered.

”This is an impressive example of a one-stop solution for Samsung. No extra letters or phone calls; the work on the project is conducted in transparent and prompt manner”
Dmitry Grishin, Head of the Russian Translations Department at Logrus.
“A large volume of material from Samsung encourages the pursuit of new work optimization methods to reduce delivery terms on one hand, and to improve quality in the other.”

Vladimir Nakropin, Deputy Department Head, Design and Graphics Department at Logrus

Additional information: 

For more information about Logrus services, visit our website at http://www.logrus.net or call +7 (495) 646-3564

For more information about Samsung products and services, visit http://www.samsung.ru.



Business Needs

Several years ago, Samsung selected Logrus as one of its localization and desktop publishing services providers to prepare its marketing materials and technical documentation: catalogues, leaflets, brochures, user guides, help files, corporate presentations for staff members, articles for the company’s Russian website etc.

Logrus collaborates with the Samsung Electronics subdivision which sells appliances, office equipment and mobile phones in Russia. The continuous update of the model line-up leads to regular revision of marketing materials, so Logrus constantly receives lots of urgent orders.

Logrus specialists have developed a project management portal to simplify the exchange of projects between Logrus and the client. This ensures that the project is easily monitored and maximizes time efficiency of project managers on both sides. The portal is based on Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 technology; it is used to place orders, track project status, submit completed materials and store information about previous projects. Access to the portal is granted to both Samsung and Logrus managers.


When placing an order, Samsung managers fill out a special project form where project category (i.e. mobile phone), document type (leaflet, sales guide etc.), and deadline are specified. As soon as the order is placed, Logrus’ project manager receives an automatic e-mail notification. The manager confirms the deadline and establishes a quote for the project. Throughout the project, Logrus’ project manager provides updates pertaining to its status on the portal (”being translated,” “completed,” “sent to client” etc.), so the client can check the project status at any time.

Completed materials are also delivered through the portal. The client is notified via e-mail upon the completion of the project. All the manager has to do is visit the portal and download the files. That ensures the organizational transparency of the project and simple interaction between the client and Logrus.


Previous project statistics are also  readily accessible on the portal (filtered by date, category etc.) Moreover, Logrus and Samsung managers can access the archive of previous projects, which helps keep track of projects and  when materials for the model were localized.

Logrus has also developed and supports a portal  for Samsung products which facilitates work with terminology. This portal contains glossaries for various languages and translation fields (printers, mobile phones, laptops, etc.) The glossaries for each language are created by native speakers together with Samsung localization specialists and are regularly updated. Samsung specialists give their final approval for terms translations and add new ones to the portal.
Samsung demands for its glossaries to be strictly followed. The glossaries are centralized and routinely updated. Translators working for Samsung can search the glossaries at any time and from any location. The use of unified glossaries ensures terminological consistency and increases the quality of localized materials.
Logrus specialists simultaneously work on dozens of projects and frequently have to carry out a great deal of similar tasks. To save time and decrease the influence of the human factor, Logrus engineers and software developers have computerized many of these processes.
For example, for Samsung’s technical documentation desktop publishing, specific software, which automatically changes fonts depending on the encoding, was created. The application has improved the designers’ time efficiency dramatically due because it relieves them of a lot of manual work and helps reduce project terms in general.
Logrus also created software that validates the links to images in documents. The application enables  the tracking of links between documents and images and for the quick aggregation of the project into a single folder.

“A large volume of materials from Samsung encourages search for new work optimization methods to reduce delivery terms on one hand, and to improve quality in the other,” says Vladimir Nakropin, the Deputy Department Head, Design and Graphics Department at Logrus.

Samsung found Logrus to be a reliable partner that was able to deliver high-quality services under tight deadlines and with maximum project transparency.



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