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Technical Translation

Few, if any, modern devices, however unsophisticated, come without a manual in tow. End users and retail and service partners of vendors all rely on documentation for guidance. This includes training manuals, user and maintenance guides, shipping documents, and the like.

Translating technical literature is an exercise in precision. The consequences of misunderstanding a technical process or the way to operate a device can be severe, and the breakdown of costly equipment could be the least of one’s problems. Poorly-written documentation leads to consumer distrust, which is a disservice to the vendor. For these reasons, technical translation is considered to be one of the most labor-intensive and critical linguistic processes. The perfect command of a foreign language must converge with in-depth knowledge of the subject and the specialized education and industry-specific work experience of the language professionals.

Logrus has been a one-stop shop for technical and scientific translations since 1993. In addition to years of vast technical translation experience, we have put together a team of experts across a variety of industries, ranging from IT to mechanical engineering and healthcare. We rely on an extensive database of industry-specific translators to deliver superior technical translations from major European languages as well as many others, including most Asian and Middle Eastern nations.

Technical translations into Russian, Ukrainian and Kazakh are carried out by our in-house specialists, whereas translations into English, French, Chinese and multiple other languages are done by our partners — native speakers residing in the country of the target audience.

We specialize in complex technical translations of the following kinds of material:

  • Technical documentation
  • Help files
  • User guides
  • Operation manuals
  • Standards and norms
  • Drawings and schematics
  • Technical product catalogs
  • Science and research articles

We guarantee strict adherence to all technical translation requirements, including:

Consistent Terminology

Translating technical texts primarily involves processing large volumes of terminology. As part of our service package, we compile, review, and maintain terminology glossaries. These glossaries enable our translators to use universally-accepted terms and abbreviations and maintain consistency throughout the text and across projects.

Accurate Translations with a Native Sound

Industry-specific translators and editors with appropriate educational backgrounds and work experience help us avoid mistakes and inaccuracies while preserving a style that suits technical literature, which includes but is not limited to scientific articles, reviews and operation manuals.

All of our translators and editors are native speakers of the target language, and have been trained in every aspect of language usage and style.

Integrated Approach

Few technical publications come without drawings, figures, and schematics. Our experts are apt to handle the full range of localization, layout, and desktop publishing tasks and procure print-ready documents in the format of your choice.

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