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BMW marketing materials localization

Multilingual translations for Nortel

Video localization for AUMA

Multilingual localization for Evernote

Project management portal for Samsung

Automation of Auma documents circulation

Trados technology utilization

Logrus presents audio tour guides to the state museum of oriental art

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Telecom and mobile communications

Global telecom is a fast-paced market. Today, it's characterized by two major factors: frequent merges among industry leaders and rapid technology development.

There are new services, hardware, products and markets. Things that seemed impossible yesterday become today’s routine, and our lives  have become unimaginable without cell phones.
Despite the global crisis, the industry is still growing. Moreover, as the public strives to save time and money, it begins to use new services. For example, video conferencing has become a cheaper alternative to common meetings and workshops.
The mobile product market is distinguished by:

  • Low entry barriers which attracted hundreds and even thousands of players to the market during its first years
  • High competition which drives the developers to constantly come up with new solutions.
Therefore, the specifics of the mobile telecom industry set a strict framework for the localization of software and technical and promotion materials. During localization, a number of problems emerge, including:
  • Tough timeframe of 1.5-2 months
  • Continuous flow of changes and updates from the client as localization starts and before the final version is ready
  • Introduction of new terms brought about by rapid technological development
With many years of experience in the industry, our staff quickly resolves most of these issues, ensures the invariably high quality of performance and delivers projects in a timely manner.
Our broad experience with the languages of Southeast Asia and Africa permits us to take on complex translation/localization projects for these regions.

Case Studies: 

Multilingual translations for Nortel

Project management portal for Samsung

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