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The current level of quality for Russian is in line with the quality of all other languages, and some vendors have been working on these for a long time now, so I’m glad to see than in a few months you’ve gained a good amount of knowledge.


Logrus TMX Editor

Logrus TMX Editor 2.3 — an intuitive and multi-functional TMX file editor. This free TMX editor comes with several additional functions:

  • Create and edit TMX files containing up to 8 separate languages;
  • Work with all language pairs simultaneously in a tabular form;
  • Search and filter segments according to different criteria (the search based on regular expressions is not yet supported);
  • Select and highlight different segments, or groups of segments;
  • Block or protect segments from editing and deletion;
  • A system of checks, including widely used quality assurance;
  • A different editing window for more comfortable work with a specific language in a segment;
  • A flexible system of segment selection for exporting;
  • Remove HTML, XML, and RTF tags;
  • Export selected segments to TMX or XLIFF (v1.2) file formats;
  • Split the TMX file into several smaller files;
  • Export arbitrarily selected language pairs from a TMX file (export format);
  • Import TMX, SDLTM, XLIFF and SDLXLIFF files.

System requirements: Windows x64, .NET 4.5, 4GB+ RAM.

The utility works under 64-bit versions of Windows on x64-compatible hardware. 32-bit OS and hardware not supported.

Update Log

Version Release Date Improvements/Updates
2.0 15.05.2016 Compatibility with Windows 8 and Windows 10
2.1 01.06.2016 Import SDLTM files
2.2 01.07.2016 Import XLIFF and SDLXLIFF files
2.3 19.07.2016 Import TMX files

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