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Subject: Thanks for your help.

This is Lisa, from <well-known companies>. I would like to say "thank you" for your answer on the phone. The problem has been solved.

Nice weekend and enjoy your holiday!

Web Site Content Management

Website support is one of the most important, though often underestimated, marketing activities. It is absolutely necessary to publish relevant information regularly, including news, company updates and presentations, which requires constant attention and know-how. A website showcases the company on the Internet and outsourcing its support to professionals will relieve the burden of the company’s staff and processes.

Logrus provides website content support for several large companies. We translate, write and publish materials, design banners and Flash presentations etc.
We work with virtually all content management systems (CMS) systems, web formats, such as HTML, XML, PHP, ASP.NET, and languages.
Logrus has a proven track record for operations with multilingual content, and offers a range of website support services, including:
  • Design, technical support and website structure modification
  • Style and design development
  • Copywriting (including news and company information);
  • Content translation
  • Publishing
  • Functional and localization testing of the website
  • Development and localization of marketing components, i.e. banners, Flash and Silverlight presentations.
With CMS, we can speed up the website content upgrade procedure and reduce maintenance costs.
The use of single translation databases and translation memory systems ensures translation consistency throughout the entire website and minimizes client expenditure on the whole translation cycle.
The above mentioned benefits are evident during multilingual website support.

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