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I think that everything is great. We are quite happy with your work. I like the procedure we have developed of sending pdf files for a linguistic check. Everything is returned exactly when you say it will be, which makes it easier for me to schedule on my end. Also, the translation is always consistent and thorough. I appreciate all of your hard work, and please pass along my praise to your translators.


Website Translation

Any company that offers products or services internationally is faced with the need to localize its website. This normally raises the same set of questions: To translate or not to translate? What should be translated? What preparations are necessary? What cost savings are possible? And finally— who can be trusted with performing the localization? We answer these questions in detail below.


To Translate or Not to Translate?

Site owners are often tempted to avoid the cost of translating their website, content with the "universal" English version alone. Indeed, statistics show that most Internet users have a sufficient command of English to navigate a website and read a product or service description. However, this does not justify not translating websites into other languages. Even if a website targets an audience with a fairly good command of English, such as IT professionals, there are at least 5 reasons to translate your website.


What to Translate?


Should the website be translated in its entirety? What can be omitted? To answer these questions, one needs to determine the goals of a localized website and the audience it targets.
Ideally, a website should be localized entirely, but this is not always possible due to financial constraints. When this is the case, only a set of the vital components of the website can be translated.  Details...


What Input is Necessary from the Website Owner

At the very least, the customer needs to provide a link to the website along with a list of what needs to be translated. Depending on the budget, availability of technical resources and other considerations, a customer may choose from several scenarios of cooperation with a linguistic service provider. Details...


What Next?

After all the files have been translated and the website assembled, localized website testing is recommended. If the website owner does not have in-house staff capable of performing localized website testing, the customer should inquire as to whether the translation company offers this service.  Details...


What Cost Savings are Possible?

Some may say that savings are possible at the expense of quality, but as no self-respecting company will consider this seriously, we are ruling this option out. Low-quality translation of a website can undermine customer trust and damage business reputation. However, there are less risky ways to reduce localization costs.   Details...


Who Can be Trusted with Performing Localization?

So you have decided to localize your website. Who can be trusted with this important task? Based on our experience, we have singled out a number of criteria to be considered in choosing a service provider.  Details...


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